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Omegle Chat Site Alternative - Free Video Cam Chat App

Welcome to the best random video chat website out of all the sites like Omegle. How are we the best? Well, we keep things simple, easy, fast, and awesome! What does that mean? Well for starters, our service is 100% free to use, with no registration required. If you decide you would like to join a community of strangers to talk with, we do still have the option to register for our affiliated stranger social network where you can meet tons of new people every day! If you'd rather just keep things anonymous, have no fear, we have plenty of options on our site here that keep things 100% anonymous. This is just one of multiple choices for you to get chatty!

This is our primary video chat page, but if you're looking for a more old fashioned chat room where you can see everyone in the room with you, make sure you check out our "group chat" page. It has a lot more features than the older style rooms you might be used to that were super simple. Anyway, as for this page you are currently on here, the basics are that you can skip anyone you get randomly connected with by clicking "next". Your live video stream can be seen in the bottom box, and your new potential friend can be seen in the upper box. This is strictly 1-on-1 sessions, so it's just you and one other person getting crazy, or just chilling out, the choice is yours!

Similar to the Omegle chat app, we don't only offer a cam version, we also offer a text version. So, if you get tired of letting random creepy or even not creepy people stare at your perfectly combed hair, or perfectly shaved head, or a super messy version of either of those, or a super cool hat, or something else I'm not thinking of...THEN you can head on over to the text-only random chat page. There, you will find some super cool features you actually won't find at Omegle, such as the ability to send images! Yep, you can send pictures to your new buddies here, we've got you covered baby. Also, there is a mobile phone app for that as well, if you're looking to talk to strangers on the go!

The other thing you might be interested in is chatting with ONLY girls. We know, sometimes it's hard to find girls on these types of sites, for whatever reason the ratio isn't as good as it should be. Luckily for you we do have a solution! First, there is the social network I already told you about, but second, we have another option where you will only be connected with the ladies, woohoo! Just check out our "talk to girls" page for some serious cam chat fun - you won't be disappointed. Anyway, I think that about covers everything, enjoy yourself and be safe.