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Hi there, and welcome to the group video chat section of Random Chat Cam .com. Here, you can join a room similar to what you might think of as an old fashioned chat room, but that includes a lot of awesome more modern features. In this way we have combined the latest and greatest with an old concept to create something super special, just for your enjoyment! So, go ahead and get started meeting new people, or continue to read if you want more in depth details on this portion of our website. If I were you, I would stop reading, haaha.

So basically, as already mentioned, this page offers a chat room experience that allows you to see everyone else in the room, which is why we call it "group". So, let's talk features! One great feature is the ability to both live stream yourself and watch other live cams too! This, of course, does include sound. You can actually hear audio from multiple cams and once and have a bunch of people in a group conversation, which can be a whole lot of fun, and help you create closer bonds with all your new friends!

Okay, so we already mentioned the cam chat capability, but there's got to be more than just that right? Well, of course! We have a credits system embedded in the app that allows you to send people gifts once you've saved up enough. You get the credits for free just from being active in chat rooms, so there's some extra motivation. Then, once you have enough of them you can send a range of different things to people, to show your love or just to make a joke. The credits can also be used to upgrade your status from a regular member to a VIP, which gives your name a special color. This makes you stand out and look extra cool!

Another useful feature is the ability to send both regular smilies / emoticons and special flash ones! The flash kind have a little extra pizazz to them, when you need that extra emphasis in certain situations. The regular ones, are just...regular haha. They, of course, are just for those more normal situations where you want to make sure you can convey the propper tone behind your language. Conveying hte propper tone with your messages is actually really important and virtually impossible to do with text messages, so that makes emotes pretty important if you ask me. At any rate, I think I've made the point that there is a lot more to this than just a regular old webcam chat room site, so if you're still reading should totally be convinced to give this service a try! Peace out.